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Unnatural Disasters (2000)

by Daniel Pyle(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
0982869134 (ISBN13: 9780982869130)
Blood Brothers Publishing
review 1: When I began to read the first story I didn't really pay attention that I was going into an anthology of nine very creative short stories by various authors. with a connecting theme. This first one began with people stranded among water. I thought: simple lost on an island story. How wrong I was.As each story unfolded, the central theme of a natural disaster (or for some stories, what seemed to be natural disasters) in some fashion linked every story together. Snowstorms, tornadoes, floods, and the like became backdrops to tales with more of a horror/sci-fi feel than disaster-survival epics. As a result, the book title is very appropriate for the contents within.At points within a couple of the tales I was a bit lost, and I think that could have been because the authors ma... morey have been shooting for a smaller page count to fit in the compilation; that also may be because I am not an avid follower of horror stories, so I may have missed some things that are fairly common in the genre. Some of the stories were a bit more graphic than I was ready for, but nothing I probably haven't seen on television. I'm not a big fan of anthropophagy (even if fictional), and it happens a bit more than I would like throughout the anthology. Speaking of television: SyFy channel needs to grab the filming rights to a few of these stories, because they would be a delight to watch.I would certainly recommend this short story anthology to any horror fans or frequent watchers of sci-fi. I had nothing invested since at the time this version was free, but given the enjoyment I had reading, the current price for the ebook is still a bargain.
review 2: A collection of short stories that just were not long enough. Although I enjoyed some of them there really was not any particular story that stayed with me to remember. I do like to read books from this author. "Dismember" is one of my favorite. Unfortunitly Pyle's talent do not shine through in this collection. I do recommend this read dispite being too short as a good collection of end of the world as we know it. less
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Some disasters quite refreshing, compared to the stuff that's usually written about these days.
Fun read with very creative end-of-the-world scenarios. I highly recommend it.
Rather short anthology of a dozen or so sci-fi/horror shorts.
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