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Frühstück Mit Katze & Co. (2013)

by Danielle Hawkins(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 1
Marion von Schröder
review 1: This was a cute and fast read. It is very Kiwi, being Australian I could grasp many of the colloquialisms and the straight forward nature of the main character. I did wonder how people from other cultures might react to the story, country life can sound a bit brutal to some city dwellers but hey meat and dairy doesnt just appear in the supermarket by osmosis and this is exactly what a vet in the country would encounter.I liked all of the characters and it was refreshing to read about a sports star that was not an over the top, possessive caveman. The only problem I could see in the book was the Wallabies did not win often enough.
review 2: Hawkins writes funny, enjoyable books. To me, this one isn't as good as Dinner at Rose's. An All Blacks star (and it's S
... moreix Nations NOW!) and a regular-girl-big-animals-lover Vet are the two main characters who meet and start a relationship...It's all a bit too quick; faults too easy to get over; past issues apparently very crucial and complicated, but never tackled as they should. All in all, it's still a pleasant read less
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Enjoyed this cute easy read NZ novel.Rural vet, rugby & romance!
Calf delivery scene
Utterly charming!
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