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La Cena Delle Bugie (2013)

by Danielle Hawkins(Favorite Author)
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8854155845 (ISBN13: 9788854155848)
Newton Compton
review 1: This book is chick-lit at its full potential. Touching, heart-warming, romantic and REAL. Josie and Matt could easily be people I know, see every day (although that's no doubt partly because I grew up in rural New Zealand, where this story is set). Rose could be many people I know and have known. Reading felt like returning to old friends after not seeing them in a while. I have a feeling that this is one I will re-read in years to come.
review 2: I read a wide range of books from biographies to historical fiction to young adult. Every so often I feel the need to pick up some chick-lit, purely for easy reading purposes - a chance to blob out with my reading. I initially spotted this book in some of the book shops around town. After adding it to my TBR list on G
... moreoodreads, I picked up the latest copy of NEXT magazine only to find it featured as Sarah-Kate Lynch's Book Club monthly pick (which reminds me, I must go back and read that feature). I doubt that I have ever rated a chick-lit book 5 stars before. What was so good about this one? 1) It is written by a New Zealander (her first book of many hopefully) 2) It is set in a rural community and therefore is more gumboots than high heels 3) It doesn't follow the usual predictable chick-lit formula (girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, girl and boy hook up, girl and boy break up because of some silly misunderstanding, and eventually girl and boy hook back up - yawn....) 4) The protagonist is a hard working educated woman with a great sense of humour and committment to her family and friends, and 5) The author is brave enough to write about breast cancer, and she does so tactfully, realistically and with compassion. I look forward to reading many more books by Danielle Hawkins. less
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Great holiday read. Laughed out loud sometimes, got out the hanky at others.....
A fun, light read. Perfect for the beach or after reading a heavier tome!
I really enjoyed this book
a very charming book.
Loved it.
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