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Dinner Mit Rose (2013)

by Danielle Hawkins(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
3547711878 (ISBN13: 9783547711875)
Marion von Schröder
review 1: Dinner at Rose´s is a feel-good-book. It´s very funny. I really enjoyed the dialogues and the thoughts of the main character Josie. All the characters are crazy in a way, but you have to love them anyway. The book is a bit sad as well but it´s not overly dramatic. You don´t get the feeling that the author wants you to think about your life or anything, like in some other books with serious topics. So if you like funny romance stories that book is a good choice.
review 2: I did not realise that this book is set in New Zealand written by a New Zealand author when I picked it up. It was a pleasant surprise because it was "hardcase" reading all the "New Zillund" phraseology and relating completely to the lifestyle of the New Zealand farmer and New Zealanders i
... moren general. I guess it's basically a love story, written quite comically, with a bit of sadness thrown in. I did enjoy it and do recommend it but I thought it could have done with a little bit more drama - it may have been a little bit flat. But it is a great, easy read. less
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While nothing startling happened in this book I enjoyed the authentic rural NZ setting and story.
Enjoyable, easy read. Not gripping but enjoyable never the less!
great escapist contemporary romance with laughs
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