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Reese's Leap—An Island Mystery (2013)

by Darcy Scott(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 2
Maine Authors Publishing
Island Mystery Series
review 1: The story becomes quite suspenseful as events spin out of control for the five women who are vacationing on Mystery Island and who don't know the reason for being targeted by a strange intruder.A good plot, though improbable in parts, fuels the novel, as do the descriptions of the fictional island and the true history of Malaga Island. Malaga is a real island off the Maine coast which was once inhabited by a mixed-race community that was forced to leave the island in the early 20th century. It's an interesting bit of history that we learn about in the novel.
review 2: Reese’s Leap is the sequel to Matinicus it takes place on Mistake, a private island minus all modern conveniences. Gil Hodges, the protagonist, working as a professor/botanist is a sexy, funny,
... morethoughtful, sometimes unthinking guy. And I must add, has a penchant for needy and troubled womenDavid Duggan, a friend of Gil’s has invited him to the island for a day. David’s girlfriend is one of five women staying on the island for the annual week retreat of wine, books and gal talk they are not aware of this invitation, but take the intrusion in stride, making it clear David and Gil are to leave before the sun sets.As luck would have it the fog rolls in and the guys are not able to leave at the end of the day. As the next day unfolds, unfortunately, alarming events start happening and it becomes evident someone is out to cause great harm to all. It seems the emergency cell phone has disappeared and more alarming the hand pump from the well where they get the water has been destroyed.It falls on Gil to keep them safe and get them off the island. As it turns out getting off the island is going to be hard as the only boat there seems to be missing the spark plugs.There are many tense and disturbing times that ensue and as happens in any well written mystery you will find yourself on pins and needles as this story unfolds. It’s a good “who did it” and I don’t think it is obvious who that is! I would read the next book in The Island Mystery series if for no other reason than to follow Gil once again into trouble! And, who knows, maybe learn a little more about what drives him. less
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A tense mystery, yet nicely paced, and a satisfying conclusion. Well worth a read....
Another great Maine Mystery by Dancy Scott. Read late into the night!!!!
Another great book in this island mystery series!
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