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Sixth Grave On The Edge (2014)

by Darynda Jones(Favorite Author)
4.39 of 5 Votes: 2
1250045630 (ISBN13: 9781250045638)
St. Martin's Press
Charley Davidson
review 1: I absolutely love Charley's sense of humor and the way her mind wanders all over the place, although I'm sure some of that has to do with the way Lorelei King brings Charley's voice to life in the audio version. I've read a few snippets from the novels, and I'm pretty sure I'd have a harder time following Charley's thoughts without the narration.I particularly enjoy the way she plays with other possible meanings of words, both on purpose and by accident (or by pretend accident!)My only complaint about this whole series, and the reason for withholding the fifth star, is that I kind of dread hearing about how "perfect" Reyes's body is. I enjoy his personality and the way he interacts with Charley and others. But his role as sex god (or is that sex demon)? BOOO-RING. Why... more do we need to hear the graphic details of Reyes and Charley having sex? It's not as though the book is likely to attract readers who haven't experienced it (and/or read about it) a gazillion times already, so those parts weigh down what is otherwise such a funny and original story -- at least for this reader!(I guess that's a downside to listening to these books rather than reading them -- you can't skip the graphic parts while listening!)
review 2: Sixth Grave on the Edgeby Darynda JonesWill she or won’t Charley accept Reyes’ proposal? Why wouldn’t she? He’s hot, sexy and ready for commitment. Well he is also the son of Satan.Fans of the Reaper series will certainly want to read this story as we find out more about Mr. Wong and Charley. She’s forced to eat some crow and rethink what she knows about some of the people around her. Her need to help everyone is sure to get her in trouble with far more than Reyes…now she’s made a choice that impacts the world. less
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Reyes is adorable and hot. Charley is always so excentric!
Charlie says yes and they get some more big news.
i love the way ms. jones writes
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