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Against The Light (2012)

by Dave Duncan(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: The story was very similar to the other set of books I read by this guy, with less character development (which was bad) but less of the blech/yucky stuff that I didn't like about the other books (which was good). So overall, it averaged to about the same on my like-o-meter. I'm rather curious now to read a third book/set of books from Mr. Duncan to see if it's a similar group of siblings separated vs. crazy religious and/or government people since that's been the basic set up of both I've read so far. My favorite thing about this book and the other ones isn't the story or the characters - it's the worlds he builds. This one had more parallels to our own though but it was still pretty cool.Overall, an okay book, not in the read again or want to own category th... moreough.
review 2: I'd had this book on my Kindle for a long while before I started reading it. When I checked what the book was about I was a bit dubious. This story could go one of two ways. I happy to report that it went the right way and continued on.This is an excellent book that intelligently blends magic (talents) with political and religious intrigue. Though a fantasy setting the story is completely credible and had me hooked and constantly eager to find out what happened next. less
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Interesting but slow moving. Ending suggests that it will be continued which rather annoyed me.
good writing, nice style, disappointing ending
Pretty good story, no ending to speak of.
For a free read...not too terrible.
Good $.99 read.
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