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Knife Music (2000)

by David Carnoy(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: With apologies to Avenue Q:Everyone in this book's a rapist at tiiiimes!Drive a girl to suicide with awful sex criiiiimes!But no one will just admitThe part that they had played in itSo we'll just watch the stereotypes come truuuuueAnd this concludes my one star review!(Seriously, I've spent a few days pondering why I hated the book so much -- it's because EVERY character is a stereotype: the burnt-out surgeon who makes a bad decision, the douchebag frat boys, the angry women who just melt for a handsome man. And just FYI, the answer to "whodunit" shouldn't be "everyone".)
review 2: I love this author. You never know how it is going to end. You think you know who did it but you know that would be too obvious. So you look for red herrings and there are a lot of
... more them and they are all really good suspects - but the doctor is cocky and you don't really like him and his friends are creepy too and the lady doctor who thinks he is an ass, she might have set him up to get back at him although it is hard to figure out how - but the older college boys are cocky and arrogant and you don't like them either - but the detective was molested by a doctor when he was young so you can't tell if he is a reliable person either. Argh, but the end was just perfect even though I totally did not see that coming. I loved his other book "The Big Exit" for this same reason, he keeps you guessing right up until the last page and then you go "How did I not see that coming - it was so obvious?" Awesome, just awesome! less
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Not gonna recommend. Just not well written or composed. Sorry, I kinda like the plot?
Knife Music is pretty interesting and holds together well.
3.5 on this one. Held my interest. Nice final twist.
Great, messy thriller
a very good read!
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