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Momofuku (2009)

by David Chang(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
030745195X (ISBN13: 9780307451958)
Clarkson Potter
review 1: I meant to stop reading after the preface. Three hours later... wow, I'm amazed at his audacity. Chang is persistent, savvy and naive all at once. The quotes at the beginning make perfect sense now. Kudos to him and all the people at the Momofuku branches. The writing is a little crass, but I'd say it matches well with Chang's speech. Also, I won't be able to follow a lot of the recipes due to assorted allergies, but I still plan on trying as much as I can.
review 2: Loved his amusing, humblebrag story about how he stumbled into the hipster food fad vortex of questionably earned success. I can't help but like his bombastic self promotion because he does it intelligently and with a sense of humor. It's done in a tone that makes you a co-conspirator in his great
... morefood bamboozle and it's genuinely entertaining.On the other hand, and not surprising, I'm completely unimpressed by the pedestrian recipes. This is not some kind of kitchen bible. There are a few decent techniques (which you can also find elsewhere) and a couple of good recipes interspersed among a whole lot of underwhelming ones. If calling a cucumber salad a "quick pickle" makes you swoon then this is the book for you but if you can actually cook, you're not going to find much new stuff here. less
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What a great cookbook! Told the history of the restaurants as well as the recipes.
Wonderful, inspiring book. It made me so hungry. The food photos are amazing.
Not quite as impractical for the home cook as some have suggested.
not for beginner cooks, but still reads like food porn
~miso butter~
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