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Liberty Or Death (2014)

by David Cook(Favorite Author)
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1500425427 (ISBN13: 9781500425425)
David Cook
The Soldier Chronicles
review 1: I'm careful these days about giving any book a 5 star rating. But this book grabbed me and wouldn't let me put it down until I had finished it! It's a short book, a novella, for which I was actually thankful otherwise I would have been up all night until I finished it. There's an added short story at the end which continues the story started in the novella. Very much worth my time! It's been a while since any book has pleased me so much.
review 2: Liberty or Death by David Cook, is a crazy struggle through the battles of the Irish in 1798. Georgian Ireland, describing the hero Lorns mission to bring Colonel Black who is a crazy killing monster called a maverick who kills for pleasure, into a rich period of life. This book if filled with action and fighting, thi
... mores is an adventure book that is not for everyone with all the fighting. I think the author of this book want you to feel for both sides of the book, the men whose heritage was Irish yet fought for the British.If you want to know more about the period, then Liberty or Death is a great place to start. It may leave you with more questions about the causes of the struggle. I think his next books will be about Lorn’s further adventures against his enemies the French spy and De Marin. If you really like bloody fighting books, suspense, and adventure then your will really like this book. I wouldn't recommend this book to everyone. less
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Authentic historical fiction, wonderfully done.
Fantastic read! Highly recommended to everyone.
Interesting historical read about Ireland.
Love history. I recommend this book!
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