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& Sons (2013)

by David Gilbert(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 4
0812993969 (ISBN13: 9780812993967)
Random House
review 1: It definitely has its moments, but you have to wonder about a novel where one of the central characters succumbs to an accident near the end of the book. It's too much of a McGuffin for me, an indication that the author didn't have a way to end the novel that would grow organically out of the characters. But its full of interesting thoughts about authorship, celebrity, parenthood and sonhood. Like Franzen, Gilbert is at his best as a social satirist; the scenes at the movie studio and the book party at the Frick are priceless, even though the targets are obvious. On the other hand, i'm willing to bet that there's a lot here that went by me. Knowledge of the Upper East Side is nice, but not essential.
review 2: A most frustrating book. At times the POV even
... more switches mid-paragraph, and the focus is lost by thick detail. However, this accentuates the brilliance of several comic scenes and repartee between characters. Too many times it felt like homework, with a build up that's strangely uninvolved, yet frequently rewards with the wisest of lines: "to be honest, I'm not sure how we become what we become, whether it's the ground or our grip.".. less
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Stopped reading after 250 pages. Too much rambling, wrong narrator for the story.
Excellent writing: insight, imagery, characters. Plot, however, lacking
Sparkling prose, but somewhat less sparkling plot.
Couldn't finish it. Just didn't grab me.
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