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Among Thieves (2010)

by David Hosp(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
0446580155 (ISBN13: 9780446580151)
Grand Central Publishing
Scott Finn
review 1: This is my first Hosp. I like the guy, the characters are likeable and well drawn. The story was great. The bad guy semi-believeable. The story finale gathers up a lot of characters at one time and this is the one area of the book that flailed. Hosp took wonderful pains to introduce us carefully to Chavez and Stone, Porter, Hewitt and then pays their prescence little more than lip service in closing. I like a little more closure. I'll grab the first two if I can find them.
review 2: A good light read, fast moving, with interesting but fairly one-dimensional characters. Although it is based on a real event, the subsequent fictional story requires a fair bit of suspension of dibelief. For example, the motivation of the prime character, Finn is very sketchy; likew
... moreise the willingness of Bass to confide in Finn is hard to believe and the behavior of Porter is inexplicable. Nevertheless, Hosp succeeds in making us care about Sally and admire her toughness in the face of adversity and the story holds our attention to the end. less
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i like his cop mysteries. easy for me to follow, not so complicated that you can't enjoy.
This was a good book! It kept me guessing til the end! Definitely recommend it!
I couldn't finish it. I just couldn't.
Shirley N Good read for the summer
Good legal thriller.
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