The Chaos of Stars


“Isadora’s family is seriously screwed up. Of course when you’re the human daughter of Egyptian gods, that come with the territory.

Isadora’s devine relatives can barely remember her name. After all, they’re immortal – and she isn’t. Isadora’s sick of living a life where she’s only worthy of a passing glance, and when she’s offered the chance to move thousands of miles away, she jumps on it. But as much as Isadora tries to keep her new world and old world apart, she quickly realises there’s no such thing as a clean break.”

The Chaos of Stars synopsis.

My Review

Inconsistency and insta-love. My two favourite things in a book. Yay.

So we have a character whose major issues in life are that her parents won’t make her immortal and she is too pretty. Ok, right big stuff. And she is a designer. Not wanting to be a designer when she grows up, but at the age of sixteen is a designer. And of course when she tells adults how to design interiors they listen to her verbatim (despite some of her suggestions being hideous). Not only is she a super attractive designer she is also a bit of a brat and really likes to get her own way. So yep, loving the main character Isadora.

She grew up in an isolated desert in Egypt and lived underground with only the occasional trip to Cairo in her whole life. Ok, fair enough when your parents are Gods. When she goes to the big old US of A she is perplexed by how to pay for haircuts, using computer and ATMs, yet, and this is a bit yet, she know that when designing a theatre room at home that is should have red velvet curtains and a popcorn machine because the smell of fresh popcorn is essential in movie theatre. Right, she knows this how exactly? Hmm.

On to the love interest. Ry, well his main problem is that he is also too attractive. Really? Really? Are you freaking kidding me. So of course these two are destined to be together. Imagine how attractive their kids will be? And if I have to read another description of Rhys blue eyes I will stab myself in my own eye.

The only, and I mean only redeeming quality about this book is its kick arse cover. I am at a loss as to how White is a best-selling author if this is her work. Maybe people just like the covers of her books?

Overall Rating:  1/5 teacups 

Where to buy a copy

Normally I include links to Booktopia and Book Depository so you can grab a copy but I can’t in good concious tell you to waste your money. 

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