The Special Girls 6 (Chapter 42)


I loved this chapter. I can’t say that we have seen Grace’s more personal side in the series. I am not saying that she hasn’t shown her feelings before, because we have seen her vulnerability in her history with her husband and her former colleagues, or her humane side in the cases she has had to deal with. Yet, my perception is that because of what she has been through with her husband, she has been quite cold and detached in her personal relationships. With her former colleague Lance, there was some warmth, but it was all too focused on the cases they had to work on. Here in this book we have seen her tender side in her conversation with Duncan when he confessed to having been abused as a child.

Now in this chapter we see her letting herself loosen. She and Blake go for a drink, and since the first moment Blake suggests they could go to a bar together that we learn that Grace finds him attractive. At first, she is nervous, but then she relaxes with the cocktails she drinks and finds herself enjoying Blake’s company, and they even go dancing. With dancing the flirting starts and they end up kissing, sharing a cab to Grace’s house and spending the night together. I like Blake, and I think we needed to see some personal note for Grace because I find that was missing. I just hope that Grace doesn’t get disappointed; if the relationship progresses,  the situation could be a bit tricky, but now that they have been together once, I hope this doesn’t stop. I really think they are good together.

The following morning Grace gets a call. It comes from Margie, one of her former colleagues in the Essex police who villified her, and she tells her that Karen Wheeler, the woman who had agreed to testify against Chesham has been found dead. Apparently, she went on a drinking binge – she was an alcoholic – and drowned in her own vomit. The police found some papers with Grace name on, which were the testimony that Karen was preparing. Poor Grace, she feels terrible and guilty, and apart from the guilt, she has lost the only victim ready to testify. I wonder what will happen now. Duncan has gone to Cornwall to talk to one of the girls who might have been abused by Chesham, but so far he hasn’t called and Grace has been unable to contact him. I hope that nothing has happened to him.

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