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Tucker's Way (2012)

by David Johnson(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: All in all this was a good read with an interesting plot, but it felt forced at times with unnecessary and illogical dialogue. The dialogue written in Tucker's dialect was a little odd to read and the speech impediment dialogue of the handyman who makes a very brief appearance is impossible to understand.There were several scenarios which raised questions that were never answered as well as some grammatical errors. If you can get past these negatives, the story has promise.
review 2: When I read the description of Tucker's Way, I just knew this books would be heart clenching, and it did not let me down! This book is filled with raw emotion of the purest of hearts who are trying to exist in the real hate filled, selfish, cruel world. I would not recommend this b
... moreook to tender-hearts who live in a dream world. The only negatives I read over, were some slip-ups of editing. However, the Author grabbed me at hello and didn't let me go until I was crying at the ending. less
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Reads like an outline. Bare bones plot. Minimal character development. Pollyanna conclusion.
Excellent story, but very sad situation.
Great book. A lot of childhood memories.
recommended by Linda B
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