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Best American Poetry Of 2010 (2000)

by David Lehman(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: a couple of duds, but a pretty brilliant collection overall. Favorites:"Wildly Constant" - Anne Carson"Come in from the Rain" - Tim Dlugos "This Poem Had Better Be about the World We Actually Live In" - David Clewell "At the River"- Louise Glück"And What, Friends, Is Called a Road?" - Gabriel Gudding "Q" - Sharon Olds"Their Faces Shall Be as Flames" - G.C. Waldrep "Apologia" - Jill Alexander Essbaum "Blue Yodel of Those Who Were Always Telling Me" - Frank Stanford"The Perfect Faceless Fish"- Eileen Myles
review 2: As expected, this was a mixed bag. Some made no sense, others seemed too narrow to warrant inclusion in a Best of series, and some I connected with. Among my favorites were Sandra Beasley's "Unit of Measure", Jeffery McDaniel's "The Grudge", Camil
... morele Norton's "The Prison Diary of Bartlett Yancy Malone", Jeffrey Richardson's "Vector 2.3: Fifty Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays", David Trinidad's "Black Telephone", and Mark Wunderlich's "Coyote, with Mange". less
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Some of the poems were really amazing, others I wondered why they were put in this anthology.
Amy Gerstler and I clearly disagree on what might have been the best poetry of 2010.
great compilation of contemporary poems
It's my first Kindle book! Yay :)
Half was great
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