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Shadow On The Sun (2013)

by David Macinnis Gill(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 2
0062073354 (ISBN13: 9780062073358)
Greenwillow Books
Hell's Cross
review 1: Jacob Stringfellow, a.k.a. Durango, has been captured by his father who wants to turn him into a mindless super soldier. Meanwhile Vienne is back at her monastery doing penance for all the things she feels needed redemption. Durango shakes off his shackles and steals a secret weapon and Vienne takes a job as a mercenary. Both converge on the mines at Hell's Cross where the final battle will be fought. This book was all right. The chapters with all the computerspeak went right over my head. I guess I'll need to study programming to make any sense of those. I did like Vienne as a strong female who was more than able to hold her own in a man's world.
review 2: One of the most purely plot-driven action-adventures I've ever read. The downside is that the characters
... moreare static, unchanging and typecast (particularly the bad guys)---but wow, in compensation you get a breathlessly paced tale chock full of violence, explosions, gunfire, butt-kicking and general mayhem leading to a climax that packs in even more. I think that the humorous elements--particularly the Three Stooges style mercenaries self-dubbed the Koumanov Brothers, and the interchanges between Durango and his snarky AI Mimi (reminiscent of the less relentless banter between Jon and and his intelligent flying tank Lobo in Peter Van Name's similar series) come off as a little forced, but I appreciate the effort to add funny parts---very few authors of stories like this even try. A wild ride, and a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. less
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Fingers crossed for more Durango and Vienne one day.
What a fun, action-packed trilogy!
Excellent ending to the trilogy.
You gotta love Durango.
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