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The Silver Hearted (2010)

by David McConnell(Favorite Author)
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1593501404 (ISBN13: 9781593501402)
Alyson Books
review 1: Brilliant, masterful prose, but is it a satisfying novel? My first reaction is that it's the gay "Heart of Darkness." The protagonist is trying to maneuver a big supply of silver through an unnamed third-world country in the middle of a revolution. Yet the saga, ripe with drama and suspense, never really captured me. Part of the problem is that there's little, if no, back story about what brought the protagonist to this sad state of affairs. So I didn't really care about him, although I could in part identify with his predicament. Ultimately, it was a middling novel with superb wordplay.
review 2: I really did not care for this novel all that much. I believe that it comes down to that it just was not the novel I thought it was going to be. I found it difficul
... moret to get into from the beginning. I kept asking myself, “What?!” Perhaps the author’s style of writing was something of a turn off for me. It felt like I was trying too hard to stay or keep up with David McConnell. Finally, some small relief came at chapter four. However, by the end of the fast read novel, I felt that I should re-read the first three chapters again to fully understand the why of the actions of the twenty-dollar sailor. I don’t believe that I will read another of David McConnell’s books again. I also don’t have any desire to keep this book on my shelf for a future read. I got through it, which I promised myself, and that is all I can justly do for it. The narrator is hired by a questionable casino owner to transport boxes of silver coins amounting to $200,000 US dollars. As if it isn’t hard enough to be caught with this many curious boxes, he must do this in the political revolution of a very poor port city. With the aid of his twenty-dollar sailor, the narrator is able to get the treasure out of the fighting in Z. Can he get the boxes to his employer when the police, the young twenty-dollar sailor, and other questionable men are looking for him and the missing gold, not silver? less
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Short, annoyingly mysterious. Pseudo-Victorian approach to sex - but still couldn't put it down.
Brilliant. Unique. Sexy. Mysterious. I could go on...
A beautifully written suspenseful novel.
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