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Angel Investing: The Gust Guide To Making Money & Having Fun Investing In Startups (2014)

by David S. Rose(Favorite Author)
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1118858255 (ISBN13: 9781118858257)
review 1: If you are an entrepreneur and searching for investors, working capital, bridge loans and partners, this is the first book you should pick up before you start your search. It will help you understand what Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist will be looking for. This book is written as a guide for the new angel investors but in reality will help anyone looking to invest or business looking for capital.
review 2: Full Disclosure: I won this book in a Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway.David S Rose is passionate about angel investing and his passion comes through in this book! Angel investing is when individuals invest their personal capital in early stage companies. Investing in a startup company is a high-risk, but potentially high-return investment. While angel i
... morenvesting is primarily the province of accredited investors (those people with at least $1 million in assets excluding their primary residence, or those with annual incomes of over $200,000 per year)some recent legislative changes has opened up opportunities to those with lesser means. The author is very explicit that MOST startups fail and that you should expect this, but he maintains that with a well-constructed portfolio of around 20 carefully chosen companies you should be able to chose enough winners to more than offset the losses caused by your losers. Rose walks you through the pitfalls and rewards of angel investing and provides some guidelines about how to select and manage an angel investment portfolio. He outlines the entire process from selecting investment opportunities, negotiating investment agreements and what to be aware of after the investment, to payoffs or exits after the company is a success. There are also appendices that include a valuation worksheet, due diligence checklist, several sample term sheet templates and additional resources.Rose is the founder of Gust, which is an internet platform for startup and early stage funding used by investors and entrepreneurs. The book does reference Gust a number of times as a resource, but the book does not come off as a large advertisement for the site. If you have considered this asset class (early stage companies) as an addition to your investment portfolio, you will enjoy this book. But be aware that David is so passionate about angel investing that you will most likely find yourself becoming excited about it too! less
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I want to be an angel investor. Period
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