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Le Cycliste Perdu (2000)

by David V. Herlihy(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 4
2709630435 (ISBN13: 9782709630436)
review 1: This is a fun book especially if you have an interest in cycling. First - you can't imagine how those people could ride so far on the old style bikes, fully loaded with the old heavy cameras. It's hard enough riding on top-of-the-line bikes. Second, the feats are tremendous - traveling all over the world at a time when people rarely traveled to another state.The story is about a man who wanted to ride around the world and ended up being killed in Turkey. Another cyclist was sent to uncover the mystery and he tried his best to bring the culprits to justice. The book is a little slow in the beginning as it jumps from one set of characters to another and you don't understand the overlay. The book puts it together at about the midway point. It gets so frustrating towards the e... morend because of all the political bs that the rescuer had to deal with - some things never change. Stick with the book - you'll be happy you did.
review 2: Much as I was obstructed by Herlihy's sort of quaint 1890s prose style, I eventually did get caught up in this remarkable story, set in a world I knew absolutely nothing about. First, an 1890s America gone bonkers over bicycles, then into Ottoman Empire Turkey and the horrendous genocide of the Armenians, and finally the struggle of the young Midwestern American thrown into the middle of the atrocities, trying to discovered who murdered the world-circling Frank Lenz. A pretty damned interesting sidelight into American history. So I guess I liked it after all. less
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Being a cyclist myself it was impossible not to pick this book up a go home and read it.
Was a really good book about the history of the bicycle, but the end was a bit dry.
Interesting story -- but told very dryly.
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