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Fake Kate (2011)

by David Wailing(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
David Wailing
review 1: This book wasn't quite what I thought it would be. There were several things that bothered me about it - the broad generalizations of women's automatic cattiness, the deluge of comments from the main character that dripped with low self esteem, the twist feeling like it came out of nowhere, and so on. But I really wanted to like this book, because I loved the premise - a woman does some amateur sleuthing after the mysterious disappearance of her older sister. I do need to give props to the author - the writing style was easy to follow, and even entertaining enough for me to read this in a couple of afternoons. I guess I'd call it a guilty pleasure, since I did enjoy reading it despite the flaws.
review 2: I did not enjoy this book after a certain point. It was
... more entertaining enough, when Bee was going on all of those dates as Kate, but the last half or so got weird and was hard to follow, in my opinion. I was getting very annoyed and was not sure who was who after a certain point. The Events that transpired seemed to be very serious, yet everyone seemed to get over it so quickly as if it were nothing at all, so I wondered...did I read this wrong?! For example [SPOILER ALERT], Anna's ex-bf kidnapped Belinda, and at the end of the story they're in love again?! Wtf?! I'm just glad it's over. Bee had issues. Weird. less
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Book had some really good moments, but overall it was confusing.
starts out as a silly book...turns twisted at the end. LOVED it.
Entertaining book, hated the end though.
Meh, at best..
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