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With And Without Class (2014)

by David Wallace Fleming(Favorite Author)
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Poetics Press
review 1: Surrealistically bizarre, at times disturbing, all of them entertaining. Twists, turns, giggles, oh my's, oh YEA this was a fun collection! My favorite was Zombie Clown Western. Some I re-read, they were too entertaining to want to stop. The Magic-Fiver was one of those. I give this book an over all WOW! Great human insight put into incredible situations/ideas and did I mention how much I liked this book! WOW!
review 2: 3.5-4 stars Collections of short stories are like a drug to me, and 'With and Without Class' offered up some pretty good shit. XDFirst, a couple of stories I really loved, 'A Blind Date for Bonkers', 'Soulmate Divorce' and 'Talent Police.''Blind Date' was so deliciously weird and fast-paced I couldn't get enough. The ever-contracting slang set a
... moregainst ever-growing relationship problems made me giggle the whole way through. I suppose if I was that tiny I wouldn't want to deal with the BS either.On to my other favorite-favorite 'Talent Police.' Starring our pal Frank, who's a Nice Guy (TM). And thanks to the sci-fi setting he's an all natural Nice Guy (TM), not one of those cheater jerks that body-hacks themselves a nicer physique. This little tale centers around Frank and his diary. It is a multi-faceted gem that asks the question what makes us who we are, and at the same time teaches us that if we don't suck it up like a grown up and quit bitchin we may drive our own diaries to suicide.I pretty much enjoyed every story in the book. Another honorable mention goes out to 'The Heat,' because well... Monster!My only real complaint is that I felt a couple stories dragged a little. 'White Daddies' in particular. I wanted more from the atmosphere that was immediately set up, but I never quite got it.Overall a great collection! My first foray into David Wallace Fleming's writing, and a definite encouragement to seek out more. less
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Won in goodreads giveaway 12-29-14, received 01/12/2015. Review to follow
I want this and I want it now.*adds to gift card spending list*
couldn't get past the 2nd chapter. I tried
This was an amazing book!
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