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Joe Biljoen (2013)

by David Walliams(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Borrowed this book from my little brother just as a quick light read, I finished it in just under 2 hours and I have to say it was pretty entertaining, even for the more mature reader! David Walliams truly is a great comedian, such a great writer as well to create a book that is engaging for the younger reader but incredibly entertaining for an older one, I loved all the jokes that a younger child probably wouldn't understand!If your younger sibling or child has this book, I would highly recommend reading it for some light entertainment.
review 2: I was given this book to read by my 9 year old son as I have agreed to read a book recommended by him every month. I love David walliams and always see children reading and thoroughly enjoying reading his books includ
... moreing my son who devours them quickly and laughs hysterically! This is the 1st David walliams book I have read. Obviously I am not this books target reading age but I enjoyed it. It was funny and heart warming. The only laugh out loud bit for me was the list of teachers names... Some of these were genius! I can totally understand why children loved this book! And from an adults point of view I love the theme of friendship and family this book brings and the moral that money can't buy you happiness etc. I am glad my son read a book with these values in. On the down side sometimes I found the book a bit shocking for its target audience. The word slag was used to ask a female character what they were nosing into some one else's business (why?) and the dinner lady uses joes money to get herself plastic surgery including breast enhancements. For me I just found these elements a little bit shocking as there are children younger than my son reading these books and if I ever heard my son calling someone a slag he would be told off so not sure why this got through the final edit in my opinion. Maybe personal opinion though. All in all this book is great for children and for adults who love the Dahl books from their childhood. I'm glad I read it as I get to enjoy something my son has enjoyed reading and you gain a perspective in what your children are reading and enjoying. less
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this is hilarious. i can see why walliams is compared to Roald Dahl.
This is one funny book! Love the story line- it flows so well!
I love David Walliams. just putting that out there
Read this ages ago but it's awesome.
Funny story Lucky kid
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