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The Black Eyed Children (2012)

by David Weatherly(Favorite Author)
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1467519936 (ISBN13: 9781467519939)
Leprechaun Press
review 1: Harry Wyckoff9/23/2013The Black Eyed ChildrenDavid WeatherlyOutside reading assignment I chose this book because of its creepiness. This book is not a fiction novel, but a book about an investigation. The investigation is of a phenomena that has happened several hundred times over the last few years. People get a knock on their door. A long continuous almost robotic ckknock, not stopping until the door is open. Many people have experienced the knocking, but nothing is there. But sometimes there are two children standing at the door. These children will repeat phrases, as if they were memorized. Many of these phrases include something about gaining access to the witnesses house. One witness was in his driveway when he encountered these children. they wanted to enter his hou... morese. He began to feel huge amounts of terror, on an almost primal level. He thought about turning and running. at that moment the child said “don't you run from me.” This really frightened him. it was as if the child read his mind. He bolted down the driveway. The child let out a Bobcat like cry. I personally believe this is all an elaborate hoax, but it makes a really good story. It creeps me out and is amazingly interesting. I encourage you to look this up. It is interesting and creepy. Many people have heard the screeches and the knocks, but still I do not believe in the children.Title- The Black Eyed ChildrenAuthor- David WeatherlyMain Characters: The “witnesses”Plot- Children with pure black eyes show up at the homes of “witnesses”. They disappear when these “witnesses” look away. It is a paranormal story. Conflict- When people let them in bad things happen.Explanation- The book was at best ok. It creeped me out, but it was boring in the end.
review 2: “Invite us in. It won't take long.” Creepy is the first word that comes to mind when I sat down to write the review on this book; creepy and unsettling. The book is about a phenomena that plaguing individuals across the World. Eerie children with pasty skin, disheveled clothing, and pure black eyes approaching random people across the globe. I had first heard of this subject approximately 6 years ago when I first started reading into the paranormal. At that time there weren't many stories to be told, or researched. David Weatherly has done a phenomenal job of compiling and filling that gap.“Black Eyed Children,” is only thoroughly researched, and documented, books compiling stories, theories, and explanations surrounding the BEK phenomena. Weatherly not only covers first person stories of accounts, but also researched and sough out explanations of some of the top stories floating around the internet. Not only does he cover the first person contacts with BEKs, but he also covers theories in depth. Everything from Alien Hybrids to Demons; and anything in between. He not only addresses anything a skeptic may throw in his direction head on, but he counters their cynicism with well thought out reasons as to why their beliefs aren't possible. Weatherly takes theories, picks them over breaking them down into sub-theories, and then picks those over as well; tackling those theories as well. I am really impressed with this book. Especially with the writer's ability to marry creepy weird with detailed definitions of possibilities. I enjoyed the chapters on Men in Black, varying Cultural Beliefs with similarities and differences, and the ONE encounter documented of a person actually inviting a Black Eyed Child into their life. The book is well written, education, and a must have for any paranormal enthusiast reader. less
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This book had me whistling in the dark.......very CREEPY!
AMAZING!!!!! Great book if you're into paranormal things
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