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The Story Of Fish And Snail (2013)

by Deborah Freedman(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 2
0670784893 (ISBN13: 9780670784899)
Viking Juvenile
review 1: Fish and Snail are friends and complete opposites. Snail is happy to sit still and quiet while Fish is an adventure-seeker. Snail loves the stories Fish brings him, but when Fish wants Snail to join him in exploring another story Snail refuses. Putting on a brave face, Snail makes the leap (or plop) into another book and the two friends repair their friendship and share another adventure. Amaaaaazing artwork! The splashes of water look incredibly realistic. and the colors are so vibrant when set against the gray background of the nameless books. The story is simple enough that readers can really focus on the artwork. PreK-2.
review 2: Genre: postmodern Copyright: 2013Two best friends, fish and snail are living in the same book. The snail is always waiting fish
... more to tell him story. One day, the fish invites the snail to leave the book and go to the other book for a new story. However, the snail doe not want to leave and just want to stay at the book they live. They has a big argument about whether to travel to the other book. The argument is broken, and the fish jumps to the other book. The snail does not want to be alone so he jumps to the other book as well. They meets again and play together. It is special that characters in a book can jump to the other book. The author turns readers' thinking to another space and broadens readers' imagination. less
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Fish sets out on an adventure in a new book. Is snail brave enough to follow along?
Loved this surreal story of friendship that transcends the pages!
Violet really liked this one!
Very cute story. Enjoyable!
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