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The Baron's Governess Bride (2012)

by Deborah Hale(Favorite Author)
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0373829205 (ISBN13: 9780373829200)
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Glass Slipper Brides
review 1: 3 1/2 stars. This was a sweet Cinderella story with a touch of The Sound of Music (minus the singing)--I read it in a single sitting. Though the baron is at times a little too good to be true, and Grace might take the whole "I have to be ugly" bit a tad too far, overall it was a satisfying read and offered a nice break from reality. I really liked the way faith was neatly woven into the story--not at all preachy and in your face as it is in some Christian books. Grace's friends' stories are alluded to (two of their books have been released already--The Captain's Christmas Family and Much Ado About Nuptials, in the book The Wedding Season--and one more is to come) and I will definitely aim to read them in the future.
review 2: I might even give this 4.5 stars
... more. I really enjoyed these characters and the story moved along at a good pace. The Baron was maybe a little too perfect for his station (excellent, caring father & grieving widower)since it's hard to believe a Baron is anything but arrogant. The premise was interesting too - beautiful governess has to disguise herself as ugly to avoid unwanted attention. the 3 daughters were great too - each with different personalities. A recommended romantic read. (Very clean) less
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Delightful! A charming addition to Ms. Hale's Glass Slipper series.
4.5- Sigh. Another lovely Cinderella retelling. :)
This was a cute read
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