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The Duke's Marriage Mission (2013)

by Deborah Hale(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 1
0373829892 (ISBN13: 9780373829897)
Love Inspired
Glass Slipper Brides
review 1: I started and finished this book in one literally. Deborah Hale is an intriguing writer whose stories touch the heart and soul. I almost felt like I had gone back in time and was watching the love story unfold. A young governess comes to help tutor a bedridden child. The heroine hopes to help her pupil realize what wonderful things are to be experienced in life. Of course, she clashes with the boy's dashing father - the Duke. Over time, however, the duke and the governess come to an understanding that something must be done to lift the child's spirits. What happens next? Well, I can't tell you -you have to read it...to find out.
review 2: What a great story about fears and overcoming them. Leah has spent years going from job to job to avoid making connections a
... morend being tied down. She's always seen freedom as the ability to get away. If she only works for a year, so won't make connections that will need to be severed.Lord Northam is convinced that keeping his son protected, not only from dangers but also from knowledge, will give him a long, happy life. When Leah comes along and starts messing with his happy plan, all his carefully implemented plans are questioned not only by Leah, but by his son also. less
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More like 3½. A very good period piece, with an ending unusual for this type of novel.
Loved this one! I think it is the best in the series.
4.5 Stars, romance is on the light side
Miniseries: Glass Slipper Brides
4.5 stars Very good story
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