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Jaká Jsem (2011)

by Deborah Kay Davies(Favorite Author)
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Kniha Zlín
review 1: I tend to dislike this kind of played-out plot about abusive relationships and sinking into an abyss - but there were saving moments. The actual obsession and weakness was well done. Some of the fluff around it weakens it, but I wouldn't know how to eliminate the fluff either, in this kind of story. I think I would have liked to know more about the character's own personality, aside from her relationship with this man, aside from what happens to her. What was she like before? Or is that it entirely - that she didn't have her own identity and that was what made it easy for her to become a victim?
review 2: This book was quirky and a bit dark, but I couldn't put it down. It was fascinating to peek inside the mind of a woman who is addicted to self-destructi
... moreon and compulsive sex. I was anxiously anticipating just how far she would go. The author purposefully doesn't delve into the characters' backstories, which was part of the story's appeal. You were forced to draw your own conclusions instead of having them spelled out for you. less
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Very wierd. I am uncertain wether I understood it or not. But what I did get out of was good.
This book is a horror story of ordinary proportions.
enjoyed reading
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