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Rien Ne S'oppose à La Nuit (2011)

by Delphine de Vigan(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 5
2709635798 (ISBN13: 9782709635790)
JC Lattès
review 1: It is a cultural shock to read this book because it transports us back to the womb and what it means to us to have a mother, a homeland, a family with its poisonous secrets and its stigmas.. Delphine suffered and has honoured her pain and her family's suffering with dignity and reservations. She explains her mother's mal de vivre, her mental illness and her mother's deep emotional wounds.. no words could describe the depth and rigour Delphine has used to make this journey back in time to honour her mother. Being a mother is often associated with stigmas and definitions of what should and should not..Delphine has accepted what her mother's journey was. Thank you Delphine, thank you Lucille...
review 2: This is a heart wrenching story. Using her own memories, le
... moretters, family interviews and personal diaries, the author attempts to piece together her mother's life and struggles with mental illness.de Vignan's mother, Lucille Porier, finally succumbed to her demons and committed suicide at the age of 60. Delphine closely examines what it was like to grow to adulthood in the shadow of her mother's illness as well as the family dynamics of her rather large, unconventional French family. Some reviews have indicated that this is a very depressing story. While it is certainly a sad story, I think that the author allows her mother's spirit to shine through the pages and, ultimatly, we see Lucille for who she was, including her damaged parts. de Vignan makes it clear that this was a difficult journey for her and her beautiful and emotional writing makes us feel that we KNOW these people. I feel that by the final pages of the book the reader begins to feel some of the closure that the author seeks. i hgighly recommend this book. less
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Read the English version - wonderful writing and emotionally charged story. Could not put it down.
won this book from goodreads first reads and it was ok. it took me a while to get into.
Très bien écrit, une histoire bouleversante.
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