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Blind Heat (2010)

by Delta Dupree(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
0011081929 (ISBN13: 2940011081927)
Dupree, Delta
review 1: Loved this! Joni and Donni were funny and meeting Fletcher was the icing on the cake. Their relationship was right for them but the whole Sly situation was a mess. Not to mention the Sonny stuff when it came out with the truth which is really accurate with the relationship of most military people meeting at some point. Then Pappy was a character that was entertaining in the little parts that he had. Sly was a fool for even thinking he could do what he did or was trying to do. I'd love to read more about them and see what happens with the rest of the gang.
review 2: This was a good book. I didn't give it a five star because Joni got on my nerves for real. The back and forth and the games being played. She wanted the last say, even though she really wanted to giv
... moree in to Fletcher. Joni really was an army brat. I enjoyed the relationship between Joni and her father. I don't know if Joni's friend Dionne made it better or worse with her advice. Even though Joni got on my nerve sometimes, she was still a good person and had a good heart. less
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When you have pain like that you should not cover it with fake love.
Very good book couldn't put it down.
OK read but too slow.
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