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A Reason To Believe (2012)

by Diana Copland(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 4
1426894538 (ISBN13: 9781426894534)
Carina Press
review 1: I was totally engaged in this story and I'm glad it wasn't too suspenseful. At one point I thought I had the killer figured out and would have been very unhappy if I was correct, well I wasn't so yay!!! Abby was a cute kid but at times, especially towards the end, she came across as more mature and wise than any six year old kid has a right to be. I liked how the relationship with Matt and Kiernan developed. I sorta felt the sister-in-law had too big of a role even though she was the best friend. It would have been nice to see Matt's brother as well. Definitely would want to read another story to see how these guys manage as a couple.
review 2: I really enjoyed this book; there was a great blending of mystery and romance that just worked so very well together.
... more Matt's character was really well done and I loved that he was completely committed to solving Abby's murder regardless of the negative impact the case was having on his own life. I also really enjoyed Keirnan and how he'd made a life for himself and his sister by using a gift that often left him either taken advantage of or ostracized. And really, his shirts? I want them all. :D His personality was so vivid and I really loved watching he and Matt together. Romance is secondary to the murder investigation and it works perfectly that way; I have absolutely no complaints on that front. The only thing I wish this book had was an epilogue of some sort just to see where these characters all ended up; I find myself wondering about Matt's job and how the relationship with Keirnan is working with him being based elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, everything did end in a good place but I'm greedy and still would've liked more. I would buy a sequel to this in a heartbeat, it was just so good. less
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Really well plotted mystery, with a good dose of the spooky factor. And nice dash of warm romance.
I really enjoyed this book and I think the premise would make for a great little series even!
This was interesting. The characters weren't that intriguing enough for me. It wasn't bad.
Would love to read another book with these 2.
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