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Journey To The Well (2003)

by Diana Wallis Taylor(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 5
0800733096 (ISBN13: 9780800733094)
Fleming H. Revell Company
review 1: I LOVED this story!! For those of you who are Christian, this story truly brings to life the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. I admired Marah’s commitment to her faith, to her parents, and to herself-always aiming to be a Godly woman. I couldn’t understand the reason why in the Bible there are people who had plural marriages. However, reading this story and learning why (to avoid women being forced to prostitution) and the Jewish law of marrying family of husband when husband dies was interesting. How blessed I am to know that Jesus redeemed me and I am not under man’s law, but God’s. I HIGHLY recommend this book! I did receive this book for free on Barnes and Noble….check it out!
review 2: When it comes to reading biblical fiction, it
... more's important to set aside any preconceived notions we may have - especially if the story taken from the Bible was not a detailed one. All the back story must come from the author's imagination.Diana Wallis Taylor wrote this story in a way that will make you realize that everyone is shaped by circumstances, and sometimes our circumstances are not under our control. And that at the end, everything that happened could be worth all the suffering and anguish. Because there is a purpose, a plan that is greater that anything you could have ever imagined. The author truly wrote an enthralling story about the woman of Samaria, and incorporated the wonderful message of redemption and forgiveness of sins well at the end of the story. I was saddened at the sudden deaths of different characters that I grew to really like, and the pacing of the story kind of threw me off a few times. After a while, certain events became very predictable also, and not unexpected.This was a good read, and perhaps I will pick it up again.3.5 stars. less
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3.5 stars. I kept thinking "how much more can happen to one woman?!?!"
This book is a great perspective on the woman at the well! Loved it.
Really good story. Would be a great one for book club.
Fantastic!!! Found a new favorite author!!!
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