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The Queen's Mistake (2009)

by Diane Haeger(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 3
0451228006 (ISBN13: 9780451228000)
NAL Trade
In The Court of Henry VIII
review 1: Ah, what to say about this one? It was a bit harder to read, knowing that Catherine's story would not end happy, though again I appreciate the author's take down a bit of Tudor history that's not as well explored. Most people know the Anne Boleyn episode quite well, but Catherine Howard is a bit more obscure so I appreciated a look at her. This one has a much darker overcast to the story, again due to Catherine's inevitable fate, which does make the book a bit more gloomy than the others I would say. Still, a good read and a nice addition to the series.
review 2: An enjoyable Tudor story about Catherine Howard. She is portrayed as rather sluttly in this book and I found her great love with Thomas told rather badly. But then, I tend not to like him however he is
... more written/acted. Henry crys alot in this book, maybe a little to much for a great king. Had big ugly Henry pictured in my head when reading this, all fantasies of Jonathan Rhys Meyers went straight out the Window. I would like to read more about the relationship between Anne oF cleaves and Cat. I just thought that was something Showtime made up. The book is well worth a read for Tudor fans. less
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It's not that I hated this book, but it offers nothing new to the Henry VIII story.
Loved this book. Interesting take on Catherine Howard.
Good histortical fiction.
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