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The Silver Bowl (2011)

by Diane Stanley(Favorite Author)
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0061575437 (ISBN13: 9780061575433)
Silver Bowl
review 1: The Silver Bowl was an okay read. It follows young Molly on her journey from humble scullery maid to heroine of the kingdom. Gifted with insights into the future and tasked with protecting the last heir to the throne. The story started out dark and lacking emotion. From a descriptively disgusting vision of a boy dead from the plague to not showing hardly any sorrow when she is forced to leave her family, never to see them again. Though this is probably true to the time period, it was not the most captivating method of storytelling. As the story moves on, however, it does seem to grow a little deeper. There were several violent scenes that often resulted in gory deaths. It is also confusing in some places when it jumps back and forth in time due to the retrospective na... morerrative. I did enjoy the very surprising twist near the end. This was a simple book that had a unique plot but lacked some emotional depth. I enjoyed the story, but did not connect to it as much. I absolutely do not recommend this book for young children or for reading right before bed.
review 2: Like most of the scullery maids in the castle of Dethemere, Molly does all the work. She wants to stop a bunch of curses that is being unleashed on the royal family of Westria but she doesn't know how. But when a pack of cursed wolves attack the family, she and Tobias, a groom, manage to save Prince Alaric from a certain death. That was the last straw. So she decides to find out where the curses come from and finds out who put the curses there. Then something happens to make her realize where her family line comes from. less
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Really enjoyed this book. It's rated for Tweens but the writing is more mature and well written.
I loved it. Magic, travels, battles, poor-but-clever young lady ... this book has it all!
Really cute. I know it is for younger kids, but it was kinda violent! Enjoyed it though.
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