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The Witching Pen (2013)

by Dianna Hardy(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
Satin Smoke Press
The Witching Pen
review 1: 'The Witching Pen' is a good book where good meets evil that included the in-between. I enjoyed the storyline and how it played out. The way the characters developed as the story unfolded was full of revelations and how each developed into what they were. Elena and Karl were the couple you wanted to see succeed. I loved the hot and steamy scenes. This is a series I plan on reading more of. A great add to your tbr list.
review 2: MINI SPOILERS!!!Don't get me wrong this book is good. The plot is kind of original, it is well thought out and written well enough that your not mentally counting up the errors in your head. It is a good read, quick sunday afternoon weather is crap kind of book. I didn't struggle to finish it, i enjoyed the characters, i giggled a few t
... moreimesBUT...I did find myself getting a bit tired of reading the same explanation of the situation written in a slightly different way over and over again. Elena for me is a bit of a wishy washy character, here she is with all this power and she does very little with it. She has a magic pen that anything she writes down becomes true and she uses it to make a womans pants fall down, waste! Then we find out she has unreal amounts of power that only the likes of God and Satan have and nothing, she does nothing with it!! And as for not being able to have sex without transferring all of her powers, and after soo many years suddenly waking up one day and thinking you know what, that man that has followed me around all my life pining like a lost puppy, actually i do love him and do want to give him all my powers so i can have sex with him. I have looked at him over toast and yup i know realise i love him, Bollocks!! There is mention of a huge magic council aswell, that has very strong links to Elenas family yet there is all sorts of magical misdeamenours going on, dimension hopping, cases of magic use infront of humans, apocolyptic prophecies coming into being yet does the council get involed does it heck. It's only a giant prohecy for the apocolpyse getting played out yet, no the council is no where to be seen unless its the leader making more trouble??? The book wasn't long enough for me, it felt like a rushed well written first draft ready for the author to put in the deep meaningful bits that make a book go from good to outstanding lets make a blockbuster movie out of it material. less
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Great book. The first book in a series that shows promise. I can't wait to read the second book.
Decent read
3.5 stars.
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