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The Undead By Dick Teresi (2012)

by Dick Teresi(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This book deals with some important questions about death such as when are we actually dead. The author shows that medical science doesn't always have a clear answer to that question.The book addresses a valid issue about when death actually occurs and when organs can be harvested (or whatever your preferred euphemism is). However, the author fails to maintain an objective view point despite his disclaimer in the last pages of the book that he is merely providing the facts without regard to the consequences. He implies frequently that doctors are more concerned about people as potential donors than as patients to be treated. He assigns the worst possible motives to the Harvard committee that tried to define and clarify brain death in the 1960s while at the same time assumi... moreng pure motives for people who question those guidelines.In terms of style, the author writes in a clear and understandable manner. However, I found his snide comments and the aforementioned lack of objectivity to be distracting to the point that I nearly stopped reading the book. A note on language: I've been known to curse at times and I am not generally offended but "foul" language. However, the author seems to use the f word in this book merely for the shock value.
review 2: A report from the former editor of Omni magazine on end-of-life and after-life care of our bodies that motivated me to tear up my donor card and to get moving on those pesky living will/power of attorney types of documents. As I read this soon after reading "Knocking on Heaven's Door" I will become increasingly reluctant to have medical intervention with every decade that I pass. Gets most interesting in the last three chapters (the history of death bored me a bit). less
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Crazy interesting and enlightening. Probably not for the weak of heart.
Never completely believed in organ donation, now even more!
Katherine has this on her to-read list.
Very thought provoking...
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