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The Synchronicity War Part 1 (2013)

by Dietmar Wehr(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 3
Dietmar Arthur Wehr
The Synchronicity War
review 1: Not too bad, really, but kind of flat. The writing eventually wore me down and I couldn't finish the book. For example, after every space battle (which were somewhat interesting) the main character would debrief with his superior and recount the battle--for pages and pages!! Really? I just read the battle scene, I don't need to read a recap by talking-head characters.Why three stars? I can't really explain it, but I enjoyed some parts of the story.
review 2: From Newsletter Number 72:This review is on The Synchronicity War, Part 1 written by Dietmar Arthur Wehr. It is the first book I have read by this author. This book has been re-edited and reformatted as Edition 4. For some reason, the ebook is available for free. It looked interesting, so I decided to rea
... mored it.The story begins with Commander Victor Shiloh on the bridge of his Frigate starship named FE 344 looking for missing ship FE 319. He is part of a Squadron of seven Frigates investigating the disappearance in deep space. When a drone finally finds the missing ship floating in space, it appears to have been damaged by laser weapons. The Squadron commander decides to send some ships in close to see if there are any survivors. This is when things get interesting. Commander Shiloh has what can only be called a precognitive vision. He sees this is a trap and issues orders to avoid it. The result is the start of the first human interstellar war with an alien race they know nothing about or why it attacked one of their starships. The more pressing problem for Commander Shiloh is why he had a vision and what this will mean for his career if anyone finds out about it.The story moves on from the first alien attack to more space battles fought in human and alien occupied space. Shiloh has more visions as the war continues, which usually results in saving more human lives and destroying alien vessels. However, the war is not going the way they want and there is a very real possibility the aliens could win. The story ends abruptly with another major battle in progress and the outcome will not be known without reading book two, which I found a little vexing.I give this book three stars because I liked the story, but the writing style is heavily oriented towards explaining scientific technology concerning jumpspace rules, refueling concerns, vector plotting, drone capabilities, tactical planning, etc. This distracts somewhat from character development, action scenes and dialog to slow the story down. I still found the story interesting though and bought the second book in the series to see if the author corrects these issues to improve the storytelling. I figure I owed him that much. less
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Very unique plot and refreshing story line cant wait for the next part
Fun page-turner.
Not bad.
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