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Martin Harbottle's Appreciation Of Time (2014)

by Dominic Utton(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 2
1780743726 (ISBN13: 9781780743721)
Oneworld Publications
review 1: My attention was caught by the lovely jacket cover, and the blurb on the back made it sound like a bit of fun. As indicated by the star rating, 'it was OK'. The title is not really adequate as Martin Harbottle is the MD of the train company regularly used by Dan, a journalist for a Sunday tabloid paper, on his daily commute to and from work. Frustrated with the frequent delays on the train, Dan begins a correspondence via email to Martin every time the train runs late. By correspondence I mean Dan rants and raves about the daily grind, problems at home, problems at work and oddly a war in Africa. Martin responds with the reason for his delay, so quite a one sided conversation. There was a lot going on in Dan's life and I might have enjoyed it more if I could've grow... moren to like Dan. Unfortunately I didn't, and to quote from the book itself he's 'a bit of a dick'. It was readable, but if you have other options I'd give it a miss.
review 2: Although I normally love epistolary novels, I think I would have been happier to read this one as periodic blog entries. I enjoyed reading an entry or two at a time, but I didn’t feel compelled to blast through the book. The concept was cute, but since it was so one-sided, it was less exciting (although probably more realistic). I received the book as part of Goodreads First Reads program. I think it would be a great book for a commuter to read en route to/from work. less
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Won this book as a First Reads book. Different. Snarky.
Would have been better if it was shorter.
Very clever but far too repetitive.
beware of the empowered consumer :)
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