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The Angel Esmeralda (2011)

by Don DeLillo(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 1
1451655843 (ISBN13: 9781451655841)
review 1: Una volta non amavo leggere racconti, ma poi con il tempo ho dovuto ricredermi di fronte a quelli di Salinger, di Dubus, della Munro e di altri. Per questo non ho avuto timori nel leggere questa raccolta, avendo amato molto DeLillo nei romanzi che ho letto; questi racconti sono molto diversi gli uni dagli altri, ma in tutti ho riconosciuto lo stile asciutto ma ricco nello stesso tempo, la profonda analisi che sconfina nell'alienazione ma non nella paranoia, l'ansia di fronte alle paure e il desiderio di uscire dalla gabbia, qualunque essa sia, un'isola da cui partire, una catastrofe naturale, una prigione o uno schermo cinematografico.
review 2: Good. More personal than a lot / most of DeLillo's novels, though there's some serious DeLillo action here. Stylistic
... moreally speaking. It's nice to read short pieces by him, even if I've read several of these before, and it's interesting that they span his career. The writing started really good, and had that characteristic style even back then, though you can see things getting more and more refined, if slightly, subtly. DeLillo gets praised a lot for being prescient, socially speaking, and I'd say this is true—tough to hold him to that as things move on, but the later stories tend to focus more on current society—it's almost like DeLillo has been talking about contemporary, post-9/11, post-whatever society for his whole career. Anyway, the three stories in Part II were maybe my least favorite, though the title piece is good. The last four are strong, though the final piece mirrors the third to last a bit too much, I think, for a collection of nine stories. For someone who writes so few stories, rather. In the person-or-persons following another person and imagining what his/her life is like. I guess no one's going around saying DeLillo has a ton of range. Overall a great collection. They should have included Point Omega here, call it a novella and stories, call it a day. Oh well. Would be nice if DeLillo's next novel is a big one, but we'll see. Those days may be over. less
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Brilliant prose, stark unforgettable characters and situations. Haunting.
I love Don DeLillo's concise language and poetic leaps. I'm envious!
Brilliant, through and through. DeLillo is a master craftsman.
A very lonely set of stories.
Hi mind and words rock.
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