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The Mindfulness Code: Keys For Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, Fear, And Unhappiness (2010)

by Donald Altman(Favorite Author)
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1577318935 (ISBN13: 9781577318934)
New World Library
review 1: Often our days are so filled with chaos stuff that we pretty much just react. We don't consider why something is happening. We don't look to the lesson the situation provides. Much of the time, we don't even realize our own part in the experience. The Mindfulness Code, as the title suggests, asks us to be mindful/aware in our lives. To notice when we sabotage happiness in favor of do what is expected of us. To listen to our bodies before disease and chronic conditions force us to do so. To let go of unhealthy relationships and seek connections that nurture us. Really, it's about spending less time fighting through the chaos and more time actually enjoying the life you have.
review 2: I like this very helpfull book so much that after returning it to the library
... moreI may just buy my own copy. I have about 20 sticky notes in it to mark those special quotes and guided mediation pearls I liked and suppose I could just copy them all down into my reading notebook/journal thing but it would be so much easier to highlight my own copy. I think this would even be a book I would refer back to again and again. It's not at all metaphysical or silly or annoying. It's full of helpful ideas for those of us who worry our own selves to distraction with our own minds. less
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Wonderful suggestions to enhance mindfulness practice
Basically another Buddhist meditation book.
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