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The Fire In Fiction: Passion, Purpose And Techniques To Make Your Novel Great (2009)

by Donald Maass(Favorite Author)
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158297506X (ISBN13: 9781582975061)
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review 1: This is another of Donald Maass's excellent books on the art and craft of novel writing. One things that sets Maass's instructional books apart is the sheer number and quality of the examples he provides. This one is no exception. He loves fiction and has read broadly and deeply, sparing no genre. Furthermore, the exercises he provides at the end of each chapter are well designed and will take you deeper into your own work. Though he may overdo the folksy tone sometimes, his style is to question, coax and lead you to make discoveries, and is pleasantly non-intimidating. I highly recommend anything he writes.
review 2: I find this book by Donald Maass an amazing text. I thrive on instructional material that explains what the teacher is driving at then offers ex
... moreamples of their point. Maass does an artful job of this with example after example of sections of text from renowned authors. Each example demonstrates what Maass is driving at. This is definitely my kind of learning – tell me, then show me. Thank you, Donald Maass, you are teaching me a lot. A definite recommendation to anyone aspiring to write fiction. less
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A great book on improving your existing manuscripts, getting them agent ready.
If you are an author you want to read this book!
Not Mr. Maass's best work.
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