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Writing 21st Century Fiction: High Impact Techniques For Exceptional Storytelling (2012)

by Donald Maass(Favorite Author)
4.42 of 5 Votes: 4
1599634007 (ISBN13: 9781599634005)
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review 1: A tough but extremely useful guide to bringing your writing up to today's standards. Many writers will probably resist what Maass is saying in these pages but do so at their own peril. He's basically just advising you to live up to your full potential and that's a good thing though it might be painful to put into practice. A timely wake-up call for anyone who takes their craft seriously. - BH.
review 2: Sometimes one more book can be one book to many.In its favour, in a niche that is often populated my many cookie-cutter help guides, this book does cover new and different territory. Much of what is presented is worth consideration and may prove enlightening and help aspiring writers push their work to a better level.After Larry Brooks book, I was inspired
... more, clear of mind and purpose. However, after this book, my mind is cluttered and confidence is shot.While Donald Maas raises some interesting points, I felt overall he presents the case for a story, so perfect as to be completely unattainable.Thus I am torn on this work. Do I feel it helped or hindered? I don't know.But it is solidly written, presented with little fuss, uses many examples which should be familiar to modern readers and provides a different view from other books in this genre. less
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Advice and Tools are invaluable guidance for writing a compelling story in your best English.
Valuable enough for me as a writer that I purchased it, after returning the library copy.
Valuable advice for any writer!
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