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Stork Raving Mad (2010)

by Donna Andrews(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
0312621191 (ISBN13: 9780312621193)
Minotaur Books
Meg Langslow
review 1: I'm not sure why I keep reading (and admittedly kind of enjoying) the books in this series. They have all of the elements that normally irritate me no end - e.g. a female protagonist who has no backbone, says 'yes' to everything and everyone when, even when she wants to say 'no' then complains that she has to do what she agreed to do; the protagonist grumbles about a whole lot of other things too; there are more antics than plot; the protagonist stumbles across, rather than solves, the mystery; she gets herself into a dangerous situation where she has to be saved from the killer and herself; and everyone 'said' everything, for example, the author seems to not know that 'how are you?' is asked not said - is that too much to ask?. And, yet, I keep reading the series and ki... morend of enjoying it…I think the upside of this one is that Meg has finally started saying 'no' to requests, there actually is a real plot with still a few antics, and other factors have changed as well.The scary thought is, I will likely read the next episode in the series. The upside is, there seems to be a trend for the good. Maybe that's why I kept reading - hope.
review 2: Here's the series I'm going to actively track down. I was engaged from the first page. I liked the heroine immediately. When we met the many house guests, I mentally joined in with the flamenco dancing. When the villains appeared at the door, I lined up with the many who hated them. From then on, there is humor, smarts, realism and lots of pace. The very idea that there are more of these is exciting. less
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If you read this series, you'll like this book.
The Meg Langslow books are always a fun read.
Enjoyable like the rest of the series
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