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Highland Fires (2011)

by Donna Grant(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 5
DL Grant, LLC
Druid's Glen
review 1: (This review may contain spoilers).All right, so I did try to drag this book out as long as possible, simply because I'm a fast reader and I find that books I enjoy are over too quickly. And I managed it just fine until today and then I read nearly half of the book in the space of about an hour.If this book had been in actual paper-or-hard-back format, I would have said it was impossible to put down. As it was, it proved impossible to log out of on my Kindle. I was worried that Lugus' book wouldn't live up to my expectations after reading book three, but it turned out that it far exceeded them.It was really interesting to see what had happened from Lugus' point of view without the horrible thing that had happened to him being used as an excuse for his actions, something th... moreat I have seen many times before. Lugus wasn't an inherently bad guy and neither was Theron - both reacted to things in a realistic manner and, yes, there were mistakes made on both sides, but they acted in ways that made them interesting and likable as characters.I'm a fairly big fan of angst because of guilt and this book contained enough of that to make me very happy without being saturated in it. Lugus and Ahryn worked well together and I cheered privately when they finally ended up being together, even though Lugus kept doing his level best to pull away from her. I was very happy with how things ended up with Lugus and Theron and I hope that their relationship will only grow stronger.I will definitely be reading book five in this series, but for now, this book has pushed this author up into one of my favourites.
review 2: I don't know what my problem is. I don't like this series but I keep trying one when I get that Highlander urge. I feel like I cheated on Karen Marie Moning and all things Highlander. In fairness, the book is mostly about fae characters so the accent is not necessary. On the other hand, if it's about Scotland, the accent is part of the draw. That was not the deal breaker for me though. The author kept pulling her punches. It's okay for people to die or suffer tragic events.I am so done. The synopsis has more meat than the whole book. less
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No thank you, but that cover really jumped out at me whilst browsing Amazon.
each story is good on its own...not a hard read...
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