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The Promise Of Rain (2010)

by Donna Milner(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 4
1552788407 (ISBN13: 9781552788400)
Quercus Books
review 1: I'm still not sure if I like this book better than "After River", her first novel. Truth is both are just wonderful. The German title of the book was very misleading and because of that I was waiting for something that didn#t happen; apart from that, the story was beautiful and engaging. For some reason I particularly loved the ending even if it almost felt rushed, and definitely predicatble. All in all, the book drew me in, it made me sad and then it put a smile on my face. So very deservingly 5 stars for this novel.
review 2: Pretty good account of Japanese PoW camps in Hong Kong that includes historical references (building Kai Tak, names of colonels, North Point and Shamshuipo camps). Action switches between present day 1960s and WW 2. I think the descripti
... moreon by the narrator, who is a young girl and whose father is a HK veteran, is quite accurate in my experience. The ending of the novel ties up a bit too sweetly but that was kind of satisfying in a way (I'm a suck for happy endings). less
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I really enjoyed this book and it was great learning about the involvement of Canada in the war.
a heart moving story of a family . love the setting of the story and the drama it unfold.
Very moving, character-driven fiction with a heart. My kind of story telling.
A great follow up to her first book After River.
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