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E-Day (2014)

by D.T. Dyllin(Favorite Author)
4.68 of 5 Votes: 5
1941126286 (ISBN13: 9781941126288)
Tik Tok Press
review 1: *May Contain Spoilers*I received this book to give an honest review. Can I give this book more than a 5 rating lol.You ever just read a book straight through and there was no putting it down? This was me with E-Day! The way D.T. draws you into a world of disaster and has you wondering what the hell is going to happen next is amazing. I love how I can read any of her work and just fall in love with the story being told. E-Day is book two in the world of the infected and uninfected men. The infected men are like super-soliders who have an appetite for sex. But it is not your run of the mill wham-bam thank you ma'am, oh hell to the naw. It is more you are mine and mine only I will bite you and then track you down! I know scary right? You do not have to read book one to unde... morerstand what is going on but I would recommend that you do so you can get a feel of the characters. With E-Day this is mostly all about Evo, if you read my review of M-Day (book one) you would know that I wanted to read more about Evo she is this bad ass chick that is a straight bitch but she is a lovable and loyal those that she lets into her inner circle. Max one of Evo's sisters from another mother plays a big part in E-Day as well, but Max has changed and it all has to do with the virus that has affected the men. I have theory that goes with the virus on how it affects men and women but I am gonna to keep that to myself! Everyone has a past before M-Day came along most of the survivors try not to think of the past but what happens day to day. Unfortunately Evo's past comes to haunt her. She ends up finding her ex-husband and of course battling the I-Men that intend on keeping him. This one was a bit more disturbing to read for me as I never once thought about I-Men being gay! So it totally threw me off my rocker, but it was awesome twist in the plot line. D.T. has a way with giving each character their own personality along with a damn good story line that has you flipping the pages just to turn around and go damn didn't see that coming at all. The questions I had coming in my head were the same questions Evo started thinking and I do wonder if there are more "humans" out there and if not where are the bodies? With Evo getting reunited with her ex which now wants to be named X, there is a supernatural change that occurs and I want to know more about the virus and how far will it change people. The action is just intense and I love it along with the lovey dovey that happens!
review 2: E-Day is the second installment in the post-apocalyptic series by D.T. Dyllin. In this series where a strange virus that only affects men causes that woman and some uninfected men must survive at all cost, love finds a way to make its entrance.This time Evo is the main character. This bad-ass chick that loves guns and don’t believe in love has to face her biggest fear… Her past. Once she and her friends find a mystery man beaten and tied, her world collapses. The new Evo has to face her past self and acknowledge that past makes who we are.I have to say that I love the intensity in this book. There is adrenaline running through the pages. Evo has a strong and overwhelming personality which makes the book exiting, fast and really funny.Of course mystery man ends up being what Evo needs and what she has tried to forget. The tension and situations between them are great. I think despite being fiction his arrival seems natural and makes the story even better.The temperature rises in all the right places. The scenes are amazing and as always Dara’s writing style make it easy to read and get in the mood for more.I love how the author goes into unknown territory. She creates a believable world where there are tons of unanswered question given that there are no scientist or authorities to explain the virus and its mutations. It’s great to explore this new world side by side with the characters. You get to live every new surprise and turn with them.It’s not only a romance in a devastated world. There is action, explosions, death and a lot of breathtaking moments.Overall, this sequel is everything I expected and more. I can’t wait to read what’s next for these strong and amazing women and the men in their lives.*** I received a complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review. *** less
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Do I really need to say anything at this point?? ;)
Loved this book even more than the first one!!
Fantastic! Loved it more than the first!
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