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Hidden Gates (2013)

by D.T. Dyllin(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 5
0985023058 (ISBN13: 9780985023058)
Dragonfairy Press
P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy
review 1: I started reading Hidden Gates (#1), and was caught into the plot of the story. I loved the whole Gate Keeper, Seer, Guardian world that was underneath our ordinary world. It was brilliant. When Dyllin then puts in MORE - another supernatural race, alien invaders, secrets waiting to be discovered, forbidden love and heartbreak – you’ve got the recipe to get this girl hooked! The flow of the story was a delight to read, I didn’t even notice how fast time went when I read.In Hidden Gates, P.J has “ordinary” problems; boys, school, friends, what to wear…. You know, ordinary teenage troubles. Add to that – P.J is a Seer, without visions. She has not had one yet. None, nada, nothing.So of course when P.J finally receives her first vision; it’s a whooper. It knoc... moreks her out cold, and it’s not a vision with cute, fluffy, little white bunnies in it. Nope. Trouble is… Nobody believes P.J when she tells about her vision, something so big would not go undetected by the other Seers.At least she’s got her best friend (and now lover); Bryn to help her get through everything. Just one giant problem… Their love is forbidden. As a Seer, it is P.J duty to mate with a suitable man to ensure that the bloodline doesn’t disappear. You can guess what happens when it is discovered, right?Suddenly P.J finds herself utterly alone, called names in school and ridiculed. All she wanted was the right to love the man she chose. Just to add more trouble into her life, P.J suddenly finds herself in the center of attention with two other guys, both wanting her to choose one of them and to forget Bryn. And to think…. Boy trouble is in reality the LEAST of her troubles!
review 2: 4.5 StarsThis was so sweet that I had to add it in my review, maybe it would give away some of the plot but I couldn't resist."Remember, I'll come 4u-1yr"Bryn O'BannonThe text message our hero Bryn sends to P.J. when their parents split them up tucked on my heart. Their budding love cut short because it was simply not meant to be. But as in all stories and life there is always a BUT.Determined, strong willed and fierce the eighteen year old P.J - student and Seer - would not let go of her love for her best friend since kindergarten. As a seer she could not marry Bryn who was below her as a Guardian but this is where the story unfolds with much aggravation on our heroin's part keeping you wondering of that text message would be true. Hoping for a happy ending.With much twists in the story, P.J. that found she was not 100% human found herself connect with two other men as well who wants to claim her as their own. Khol the Lord of the Dragons, who pops into her mind and life at his will and Jeremy a Gatekeeper and co-student. The man her parents wants her to marry.But her will and premonitions put a stop to it all as the aliens who threatens to take over the world, coming through the gates and taking humans bodies hostage, governing the country as they see fit. She was the only one who saw it happen and no one seems to listen since she was still very young and up until her eighteen birthday had never had a vision before. Adding her annoying friend Jenna a Speaker who could listen in too any language with her crazed hair-do's and uncontrolling desires for men and speaking animals that made life very difficult for P.J. And you have an interesting plot with interesting characters that keeps your attention.But P.J's unwillingness to listen or obey as the norm with young adults from that age would face great danger and even great and more difficult decision because of her reluctance. But at the end her persistence kept her from getting what she want but also loosing those who were the closest to her becoming the Seer she was destined to be.Overall a great entertaining book with lots of action and romance with a well thought out plot. Leaving you with many questions at the end. A first book in the P.J Stone Gates Trilogy less
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I wrote it...so of course I'm going to give it 5 stars! ;)
Who needs to read the description? COVER LUST, BABY.
Published Feb 2012? Hmm.... Can't find a copy
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