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Earth Angel (2011)

by E. Van Lowe(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 3
0983632936 (ISBN13: 9780983632931)
White Whisker Books
Falling Angels
review 1: I love when books open and close with the same scene or components, like the feather that falls down on the opening and closing scene of Forest Gump. However, the outcome of this similar component leads to two different emotions. Megan lie has gone back to normal as much as can be expected after falling in love with an angel and winning a fight against Satan. She lost her best friend Matt to suicide and Erin because she blames Mean or Matt’s death. Now she has a new best friend, Maudrina, ho knows all about her bout with the supernatural. As Megan tries to enjoy her time with her angel boyfriend Guy, she knows time with him ill run out soon hen he must return to Heaven. In the meantime, Megan gets an invitation to all exclusive party which ultimately leads to another bat... moretle with demons. Now she must make a few tough decisions and the wrong ones could cost her her new found status at school, her education ,the life of someone she loves, or even her own life.I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read. I look forward to the next one to find out what happens to Megan and Guy’s relationship. Their relationship is believable and cute. It is just like hat a real teen “first love” looks like. And I know that because I have one happening under my roof between my daughter and her “first love”. They would do anything to keep the other one and act like their world would end I they were ever torn apart from each other. Megan and Guy feel the same way and will do anything to keep the other safe, even if it means sacrificing themselves. Which that is a little dramatic, but that is ho teen actually vie their “first love”.
review 2: I do not know why I do this to myself. I keep saying I will not read the next book in a series until all books are out or it is close to the next book. UUGGGHHHHHH but I did it again. I was reminded today by the author that I had the next book on my TBR list and could not stop myself from reading it. Sometimes having a Nook is not the greatest thing when I know I can buy a book in less then two minutes. Now I have to wait until December for the next book. Who is going to return? Will Guy be back? Why was Harrison so nice at the end after he almost broke Megan's hands? Why is Erin being so mean? Megan is better off without a friend like her. I still see that Megan needs to save her but I still get irritated about it. So many questions. Now to how much I liked about the book....I love when authors are so smart to leave you with your mouth hanging open. Hell was like a cold Mountain top why because Megan was expecting heat. Also when I think of Angels I think love and affection so why am I so sure that maybe the authors perception can be true and they do not have any emotions? It does make sense that if they were all emotional they would not exactly be ideal as protectors and guardians. How could they serve God if they were falling all over with emotions everywhere. I really like this way of thinking. I am not saying that Angels are cold and heartless but that the way the author has written them makes me think.Megan sure does have a very unlucky streak. I wish there was more interaction with Satan again. He was a very interesting thing in the last book. I also wish Megan could be truthful with her mom. Suze seems like a smart resourceful woman who could handle it. My favorite part was when Ashley got a face full of Holy water, I could imagine miss all mighty with makeup dripping off. less
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Good sequel. I just bought the third novel.
Amazing and witty to boot :)
3.5 Stars.Review To Come
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