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Cape Disappointment (2009)

by Earl Emerson(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 5
034549301X (ISBN13: 9780345493019)
Ballantine Books
Thomas Black
review 1: Glad to see Earl Emerson is back writing Thomas Black mysteries. Lately, he's been writing thrillers based around men and women of fire departments, which are also very entertaining, but it's great to see Mr. Emerson back writing around the series that launched his career.This one isn't so much a straight up mystery, though there are certainly classic elements of the mystery. This one is a little bit more suspense and thriller oriented. The time shifting in the book was a bit jarring, but as long as you paid attention, you could figure out what was happening in his overal plot.Hoping he continues writing about Thomas Black and look forward to his next book.
review 2: As I was slogging through the suthor's conspiracy theories, I almost put this book down. Then I
... more read a review here stating that the book got interesting sa page 239 so I continued on. I'd say the book became interesting a coouple pages before that, but is slow going up until then. I really don't like reading a novel where the author writes a story to serve up his conspriuacy theories; Earl Emerson should stick to "fire" stories. If this had been my first Earl Emerson, I would never read anything by him again less
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Like the Thomas Black character. Will probably check out previous ones from my library
FINALLY! A thriller I really enjoyed. Can't wait to read more of his books.
this is a page turner...
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