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MR Big (2008)

by Ed Vere(Favorite Author)
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0141500603 (ISBN13: 9780141500607)
Puffin Books
review 1: It is difficult sometimes, to write a review of a book you are such a fan of with a sense of objectivity. In fact, it is possible that by opening with sentences such as these that my bias is irreversible, but I digress...Mr Big tells the story of a lonely gorilla who's days are lived out in fear of ridicule, prejudice and abandonment. Until, one day, he spies an outcast piano and decides to take it home. The book has themes of tolerance and joy that any child of either end of the popularity spectrum can value.Vere's big book has some great illustrations that lend themselves to wide discussion and could easily be used as a class topic, particularly with PSED within the EYFS. At home the big friendly drawings are something that can genuinely be enjoyed by both adults and chi... moreldren. I think Ed's made a keeper.Ed has a number of titles that I haven't yet seen, but I'm off now to hunt them down.
review 2: Mr. Big is a huge gorilla, who everyone runs away from as they see him as 'big and scary' because of his size. This makes him feel very lonely and sad. One day he sees a lonely piano in a shop and buys it to cheer himself up. He then plays beautiful music which everyone in the neighborhood hears and wonders where it coming from. Eventually they track down Mr. Big and send him a letter inviting him to join a band. Mr. Big joins the band, and then everyone can see the real Mr. Big. He makes lots new friends and has no time to be lonely ever again. This has a lovely message about friendship, and joining in, and can speak to children in the younger years about making friends and ensuring that other children don't feel left out. It would be a nice book for circle time.This book has a 'groovy look and feel’, which parents and teachers will appreciate as well. less
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Skilful work. Very expressive. Looks influenced by Satoshi Kitamura which is not a bad thing.
Even though i'm a teen i love this book.
My 5 year old loves this
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